Custom menu entry in SuccessFactors: step-by-step guide

In case your customer is demanding a custom menu entry beyond the standard settings of the SuccessFactors instance, this article gives you a step-by-step instructions how to set this up.

Use Cases:

You want to add a custom menu entry link in your SF instance main page in home navigation menu or in the Action Search on your Employee Profile

Home Menu, where we integrate the custom menu entry
Action Menu, where we integrate the custom menu entry

Prerequisites to create custom menu entry:

  • Make sure that „Configure Custom Navigation“ is activated in Provisioning (implementation partner or ask SF customer support)
  • Ensure that your user has the permissions (RBP) to access Admin Center -> Company Settings

How to create a custom menu entry:

  1. Go to Admin Center -> Company Settings -> Configure Custom Navigation
  2. Add your preferred settings for your external link


    1. Menu Item Label: Define which label your menu entry should have (in this case „DRTM“)
    2. ID: Choose your own enumeration
    3. Link type: Choose if you want to link inside your SuccessFactors instance („Internal Link“) or if you want to link to external website content
    4. URL: Copy the URL link (depending if internal or external) of your destination and paste in this field
    5. Menu location: here you can choose the menu that your custom navigation entry should use; in this screenshot „Top Navigation“ is the „Home“ Menu on the start page of your SuccessFactors instance and „Employee Profile – Jump-to“ is on „My Employee Profile“ Page in the „Actions“ button menu
    6. Permissions: You have the choice to give the permission to see this menu entry via permission roles or groups

  3. Save your settings and check if you see with the related role/group this customized navigation entries and if the link works properly

Links and references

For further information check also this SAP Knowledge Base article.

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