You want to know all relevant changes for the 1H-2024 SuccessFactors Release for Integration? Here you can find them!
Workflow For a New Position guide
A guide on how to set up a workflow for a new position created by the manager. We're using SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and Position Management for this.
Cover Picture for the Instance Refresh in SuccessFactors: Showing a chessboard with math formulae around
Here we'll take a look at the Instance Refresh in SuccessFactors, why it matters, what you should keep in mind and some useful tips.
Cover Picture SAP SFX Administration Masterclass Employee Central
Here we will give you an insight into SAP SFX Administration Masterclass, what to expect and which upcoming classes you can look forward to.
Smiling Young African American Businesswoman Working On A Laptop
Is it possible to make the Pernr searchable in EC? We will answer that question and give a little overview of how it is done.
Thumbnail Decoupled Infotype Framework
Wie findet man die passende Berechtigung zum Löschen einer Kündigung? Hier ein allgemeines Vorgehen auch für ähnliche Fälle anhand eines Beispiels
Diokles Logo
Bei Diokles bieten wir maßgeschneiderte Schulungen für unsere Kunden zu den Themenfeldern SAP HCM und SAP SuccessFactors an.
I set sail as a psychologist and found my hailing port at Diokles. Here i tell how i was welcomed and why Start-Ups can be remarkable teams.
This blog entry has the intention of describing Foundation Objects in Employee Central and Foundation Object Associations.
Thumbnail - Neue ABAP Syntax für SAP NW 7.40
This article shows how you can analyze the replication payload for error analysis in your SuccessFactors suite using the API Center.