SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace

The SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace (OMP) makes it easy for employees to discover opportunities to fuel their ongoing career development and growth. Embedded intelligence ensures that everyone can explore opportunities that are relevant to them. As a result, organizations can inspire, empower, and engage their people easier – improving internal mobility, retention, and workforce agility.

1. SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace integration with Talent Intelligence Hub

SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace (OMP) has experienced significant enhancements in the 2H2023 SFSF release, particularly an integration with SAP SuccessFactors Talent Intelligence Hub.

  • This integration offers organizations an in-depth understanding of the skills and capabilities held by their entire workforce.
  • It provides focused growth and individualized opportunities for employees, expediting efforts in upskilling and reskilling.

The combination of Opportunity Marketplace with the Talent Intelligence Hub signifies the advancement into the era of „Intelligent Talent Management„, driven by machine learning-based recommendations.

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2. SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace Core Features

As a user, you can leverage the fundamental features of SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace to hone your skills across the entirety of your career journey.

  • Get opportunities recommended: Get fitting opportunities recommended to progress towards your goals or improve your skills.
  • Create assignments: Create, publish, edit, view, and apply for assignments that are usually temporary internal work opportunities, such as project tasks or fellowships.
  • Manage all opportunities: Go directly to BookmarksIn ProgressHistoryAssignments Owned by Me, and Growth Portfolio by choosing corresponding items from the Manage My Opportunities dropdown list.
  • Search for and filter opportunities:
    • Search for opportunities across all connected Opportunity Marketplace content by keywords.
    • Use facet filters to narrow down your search results to easily find what you are looking for.
    • Filter recommended opportunities by selecting up to 10 capabilities that interest you.
  • Share opportunities: share opportunities from the opportunity detail page with colleagues.

3. Data Sources for Personalized Recommendations in SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace

Personalized Recommendations are not based on rule-based algorithms but instead rely on the power of machine learning. These recommendations harness the machine learning capabilities of SAP AI Business Services.

As of 2H 2023, Learning, Career Roles (via Career Explorer) and Assignments leverage personalized recommendations. In the near future, all opportunities in SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace are planned to provide personalized recommendations.

3.1. „Top Picks for You“ section

If Talent Intelligence Hub integration is enabled, individuals can find inspiration through the finest Assignment and Learning opportunities within a new section powered by machine learning algorithms. The algorithm uses your People Profile data and Growth Portfolio attributes.

3.2. „Broaden Your Experience“ section

Assignments created within Opportunity Marketplace are displayed in this section. Assignments within this context refer to internal work opportunities with defined durations and can be either full-time or part-time engagements. Typical assignments include the following:

  • Projects
  • Fellowships
  • Vocational training
  • Internships
  • Others
sap successfactors opportunity marketplace, connect with people, broaden your experience

3.3. „Learn New Skills“ section

Employees can explore learning opportunities from the SAP SuccessFactors Learning catalogue. Five types of learning opportunities are displayed in this section: Course, Curriculum, Program, Collection and Quick-Guide.

Types of learning recommendations:

  • Admin Recommendations: These items are recommended through Assignment Profiles and identified by the label Recommended by the Learning Team.
  • Peer Recommendation: These items are recommended by peers and identified by the label that indicates who recommends them.
  • Personalized Recommendations: These items are recommended based on machine learning algorithms.
sap successfactors opportunity marketplace, connect with people, learn new skills

3.4. „Explore Career Options“ section

Job roles are displayed in this section and can be added as target roles. There are two configuration options to explore:

  • Suggested Roles (within Career Worksheet) from SAP SuccessFactors Career Development Planning (CDP). The Career Worksheet recommendations are generated based on matched Competencies. There are no AI-driven functionalities but business rule-based recommendations.
  • Career Explorer from SAP SuccessFactors Career Development Planning (CDP). Career Explorer recommends career opportunities to employees based on the career paths of people similar to them in the organization. It uses the People Connection system, built based on SAP AI Business Service Personalized Recommendation. *SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central is a prerequisite for this solution.
sap successfactors opportunity marketplace, connect with people, explore career options

3.5. „Discover Open Jobs“ section

Internal job postings from SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting are displayed in this section. These job recommendations are tailored to users based on their target roles (added in the career worksheet or recommended by admin) and their current job titles. The recommendations are currently business rule-based with the plan to use the AI-powered personalized recommendations in the roadmap.

3.6. „Connect with People“ section

Employees have the opportunity to explore mentor and mentoring program recommendations from SAP SuccessFactors Mentoring.

  • Users can view suggested mentors based on their preferences, drawing from multiple past programs they have participated in.
  • The integration of Opportunity Marketplace with Talent Intelligence Hub allows Attributes from the Growth Portfolio, chosen by mentors in mentoring programs, to be searchable.
connect with people

4. SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace implementation considerations 2H 2023

These are some considerations you need to take into account in 2H2023 to implement Opportunity Marketplace:

  • A separate license is required to enable the Opportunity Marketplace solution.
  • You either have Job Profile Builder or Talent Intelligence Hub (TIH) enabled in your system. Remember that TIH is required for AI recommendations.
  • Data sources described in section 3 of this blog can be shown on the UI only if the preceding features or modules are enabled. They respect the role-based permissions that are set up for the respective content.
  • Administrators can enable or disable the types of recommendations that need to be shown to their organizations in Opportunity Marketplace.
  • You need to enable intelligent recommendations in Opportunity Marketplace for the „Top Picks for You“ section available on the landing page.
  • For intelligent learning item recommendations to be available in the „Top Picks for You“ section, you need to enable personalized learning recommendations.
  • You can request a Demo to try Opportunity Marketplace here.

If you are interested in Opportunity Marketplace or other SuccessFactors modules, feel free to contact us anytime!

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