SAP SuccessFactors Talent Intelligence Hub

1. Introduction to Talent Intelligence Hub

2. Key components of Talent Intelligence Hub

  • Skills Ontology: it powers Talent Intelligence Hub skill recommendation functionality, as well as informing content and opportunity recommendation engine. SAP has created this Ontology with over 30k skills from 4 global skills collections: Lightcast, ONet, ESCO, LinkUp. They have also utilized over 150M global job postings to create a „graphical“ dimensional representation of the skills and how they relate to each other, to people, to jobs, and to work. In the future, it will serve as a source for customers to build up their Skills Library.
  • Attributes Library: a repository of all the attribute types an organization would like to collect and expect in their workers. It is crucial that clients work on defining the types of attributes (skills, competencies…) they need for their organization as it will be key in this process.
  • Growth Portfolio: intelligent profiles that help to create personalized experiences. The top portion of the Growth Portfolio UI will display the recommendations the machine learning algorithms generated as Recommended for You“ followed by the blocks for attribute types: Skills, Competency, etc.. Furthermore, employees would be able to perform the following actions:
    • View their skills and attributes based on their current Job Profile, which is pre-populated.
    • Add or reject skills that are recommended by the system based on AI.
    • Assign a proficiency level for every Skill & Attribute in the portfolio.
    • Set a “Passion” flag for Attributes vital to them.
    • Teams portfolio: allows managers to see skills and proficiency level across direct reports.

3. How do recommendations and updates work in the Growth Portfolio?

We need to differentiate two concepts:

  • Automated updates: attributes (skills, competencies…) will be updated in Growth Portfolio based on job profile, completed learning, performance & 360 reviews and projects after completion.
  • Intelligent recommendations: will be shown on the employee´s “Recommended For You” Growth Portfolio section based on Continuous Performance Management and Microsoft Graph (if enabled).

4. Talent Intelligence Hub across SAP SuccessFactors Suite

Talent Intelligence Hub is part of the foundation, so all modules will benefit of artificial intelligence without additional license (it is included in SuccessFactors Platform).

In the picture below you can see some interactions between Talent Intelligence Hub and talent modules as of the 2H2023 release. Additionally, SAP is putting a lot of effort in improving the functionalities offered by Talent Intelligence Hub for next releases. You can consult the Road Map Explorer here.

5. Implementation considerations 2H 2023

These are some considerations you need to take into account in 2H2023 to implement Talent Intelligence Hub. Please note that some of these limitations will probably be resolved in future releases.

  • Competencies will be migrated to the Talen Intelligence Hub (TIH) framework.
  • The migration of skills and skills related-mappings in Job Profile Builder is not available in this release.
  • Skills cannot be download directly from Skills Ontology. This option will be available in next releases.
  • Job Profiles will continue to be managed in:
    • “Manage Job Profile” and “Manage Job Profile Content” for JPB clients.
    • “Manage Families and Roles” for JDM clients.
  • If you wish to upgrade to Talent Intelligence Hub and want to perform an instance refresh from a production instance, please do it before the preview release or after the production release. Otherwise, you will encounter issues with the TIH upgrade.

If you are interested in the Talent Intelligence Hub or other SuccessFactors modules, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Also, if you want to read more content like this have a look at our other blog posts here.


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