SuccessFactors 1H-2023 Integration Release Changes

On June 2nd the new 1H-2023 Release for SAP SuccessFactors will be released for the production instances. From now on, for every upcoming release, I will summarize the most important changes regarding the integration between SuccessFactors to SAP HCM / S/4Hana systems. This blog entry won’t cover all changes that influence the integration, but I will provide you with new information so you are prepared in the best way possible. 

Changes for the Platform and API

Besides the changes for the components PA_SE_IN and ECS4HCM, there are also changes for the SuccessFactors platform and its API. (You don’t know the APIs of SuccessFactors yet? Here you will get an overview

Selection of specific fields and segments in the comound employee API

Previously, it was not possible to select individual segments or specific fields from the Compound Employee API; instead, the complete information of an employee was always delivered in the API call.

From now on only the fields you really need will be delivered in the API call. For example, if you use the following syntax (e. g. you want to extract only the address information for an employee):


Then only the key fields, which are used to identify the person, and the corresponding address information are transferred.

Improved export from the data replication monitor

The export button in the Data Replication Monitor could previously export only the selected or all displayed. This has the disadvantage, if you have several hundred or even thousands of errors, you could not export all entries at once. 

Now, when you click on the „Export to Spreadsheet“ button, a drop-down menu appears that lets you choose whether to export all entries (up to 10,000) or only the selected ones.

SuccessFactors 1H-2023 Integration Release Changes: New Drop Down menu for "Export to Spreadsheet button"

Changes for PA_SE_IN and ECS4HCM

However, most of the integration changes happen to the on-premise components PA_SE_IN and ECS4HCM. You don’t know the new component yet? Then check out this blog post that shows the differences to PA_SE_IN!

As you can already notice, SAP is hardly developing the old PA_SE_IN further. Of the 12 major new features, only 4 are still for the PA_SE_IN. There is one exception: the further development of the migration tool from Non-BiB to BiB Integration, which was only developed for the PA_SE_IN component, all other changes are for the new ECS4HCM component.

Temporarily Exclude Employee Records with Errors from Data Processing in the ERP System

By default, it was previously not possible to exclude employees from replication. But now SAP provides a new transaction for this purpose: ECPAO_IN_QUAR. The corresponding employee is entered there with the help of the PersonIdExternal.

Unfortunately, entering and removing entries is a bit inconvenient. To do so, you have to use the input help and then the person GUID is written into the corresponding table. To remove an entry, you must first find the person GUID via the input help and then delete the entry.

Components: PA_SE_IN, ECS4HCM

BAdI Mapping Option for Conversion Rules

To convert values, SAP offers some predefined value-conversion rules. The closest thing to „logic“ so far was the use of regex, but even that was limited to 20 characters. So if you needed to convert your value in a specific way, and you were not able to cover it with the default rules, you had to use some tricks. But with the 1H-2023 release, it is now possible to choose and implement a Badi that will be called instead. 

SuccessFactors 1H-2023 Integration Release Changes: New Conversion Rule Option, BADI mapping

Components: ECS4HCM

Full Transmission Start Date for Organizational Object Replication from Employee Central Moved to Transformation Template Group

So far the FTSD for the OM replication was set in the corresponding report (RH_SFIOM_ORG_OBJ_REPL_QUERY). That won’t be possible any longer, since the field will be removed from the selection screen. With this new release, you will configure the FTSD, like the PA replication, directly in the template group configuration. 

There is also another change in regard to the FTSD and the OM replication. In the past, when you moved the FTSD into the past you did not have to do anything special. From now on you will need to set the flag “Initiate Full Load” so the new FTSD takes effect for already replicated objects.

Components: ECS4HCM

What else?

There were also changes for the P2P integration towards Employee Central Payroll systems, but I won’t cover them for now. Also, small improvements for the cross-system-workflows will be released, but to cover them here in detail would go beyond the scope of this blog post.

If you want to have a more detailed view of what will be changed, have a look into the SAP SuccessFactors What’s New Viewer.

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