SAP SFX Administration Masterclass: Employee Central and more

I have the wonderful opportunity to share my experiences from conducting the SAP SFX Administration Masterclass: Employee Central for the third time. Since the Masterclass took place just last week, most of our participants also put their knowledge to proof on Monday’s exam. Needless to say, the passing rate was through the roof 😛
But Jokes aside, I personally am and also we as Diokles are tremendously grateful to SAP for entrusting us with this opportunity. More importantly, the SAP SFX Administration Masterclass are a great offer to SAPs customers to improve their HR-Administrators skills.

Experiences with the SAP SFX Administration Masterclass: Employee Central

This blog post should also come across as a big „thank you!“ to all the participants that we had the pleasure of meeting. Understandably, long online meetings are challenging and surely most of us know the feeling of slowly falling eyelids during such. All the more do we appreciate the active participation that we experienced in all our masterclasses without any exception. For that reason, the workshops become fun for us as presenters as well. Above all, it motivates us to make it interesting and we get creative in making it worth your time.

The Employee Central Masterclass

To give a little bit more context about how these Masterclasses are conducted:
Firstly, the base of the Employee Central Masterclass is the HR811 Administrator course. Coupled with a certification that HR-Administrators can obtain after passing the respective exam. On the one hand, our masterclasses are a means to prepare for these exams. On the other hand, they provide a good overview and some deeper dives into the opportunities SuccessFactors EC provides. Furthermore, even experienced administrators from our own customers joined our classes and found them to be worth their while. And be sure, that we will season it with best practices and anecdotes that you wouldn’t find in the documents.

SAP SFX Integration Masterclass and Performance and Goals Management

Additionally to the Employee Central Masterclass, SAP has tasked us with developing an Integration Masterclass from scratch. Needless to say, my dear colleagues, Steven and Niklas invested blood and tears to provide an excellent workshop pilot in July this year. To put it in a nutshell, the list of participants was filled faster than we could pronounce „Masterclass“. As a result, I can reveal, that the SAP SFX Administration Masterclass: Integration will become a recurring offer. (rejoice!)

On top of that, my colleagues Ana and Alex are conducting another Masterclass for Performance and Goals as we speak. (supposing we’d speak the moment I am writing this)

Outlook to more

In summary, there is a lot to come for the SAF SFX Masterclasses and we are looking forward to seeing you there. So, In case you’re interested in participating, check the official SAP Website and follow us on LinkedIn or even Instagram! Additionally, if you have questions or just want to have a chat you can contact us here as well, anytime.

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