A hailing port

Quay wall leading to Lighthouse at blue lit dawn with smooth ocean and distant shore city.

Hi, I’m Adrian.

Here’s to how and why I decided to join the jolly good Team of Diokles in May 22 and to how ’sailing‘ with a great team feels like.

My journey began by studying business psychology, where the possibilities of later occupations are very wide-ranging. Accordingly you might have heard of topics like modern leadership, professional personnel selection and mental health in business contexts. Of course these are just a few, but nonetheleess very current challenges where psychology applies scientific insights to practice. However, after I graduated I knew that I was more interested in working in an emergent and curious team. As a consequence i gave preference to smaller companies, namely a start-up in the best case. Because there the roles for internal tasks as well as organising and creating structure would be very versatile. Consequently, this would open up room for creativity and new ideas by any member of the team.

Accordingly this would enable me to apply my skills and knowledge in diverse areas while also acquiring competencies in new fields that I hadn’t thought of yet. After applying these criteria to my job search, heading out to find a hailing port as a base for great experiences, I found Diokles.

Diokles Sailing Ship
Sailing for the home port.

As a matter of fact I have always had an interest in technical topics and enjoyed solving IT challenges wherever they arose. Furthermore SuccessFactors as a Human Resource Solution is overlapping with some the subjects I had studied. Therefore I had indeed found the hailing haven in which to cast my anchor.

So, in May 2022 my journey at Diokles began.

Had I found a home port?

Above all, arriving at Diokles, I noticed the amount of consideration that went into making me feel comfortable and welcome. More precisely, I was met with amicable respect and interest in me as well as my personal views. In addition to that the whole onboarding process was far more elaborate than one would expect at an emerging start-up. In like fashion I was introduced into our office culture and given a list of tasks for the first day to get me started.

Since working with SAP was new to me, my main obligation was to study and train for my first Certification. Thus, during my first month I was not only met with regular meetings to get to know my colleagues. But I was also offered specifically tailored technical workshops. These were intended to give me an overview of the possibilities I would have for my developments at Diokles. Right from the start Alex was set as my mentor, a role which he fulfills wholeheartedly. Moreover everybody in the team never grew tired of offering me assistance and giving me impulses for my learning. This was coupled with the team introducing me to their ways of working as autonomous consultants and team players.

Subsequently, after studying for a month as well as helping my colleagues with diverse tasks, I passed the SuccessFactors EC certification exam.

A hailing port to embark from together

As a result of Marco’s foresightful planning, I am already working on a new project requiring my newly acquired skills. Here I am starting off with an assisting role while taking on my second SAP certification, SuccessFactors Time Management. To sum up, I am very happy that I chose to join Diokles, with all the possibilities they provide me. I am moreover very conscious how lucky I was to find what I was hoping for right away. So here’s to a great journey we will doubtlessly take on together and to the luck of having a great team backing you up, Cheers!

In case you might be wondering what our trade looks like, you may want to have a look at one of these blog posts, Foundation Objects in EC or OM Replication with the BIB.

A home port means having a great team to back you up.
Digestion, important for team building.
Diokles Team excited at B2Run
Diokles Team excited at B2Run



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